3 Benefits of U.S. Clinical Externship for IMGs

Clinical Externships are essential for International Medical students to test their skills in the United States. In a clinical Externship, an IMG will be placed with one of many attendings at the hospitals and clinics so they can learn from them about different specialties while being monitored by someone who knows what’s going on back home!

The experiences that come with completing an IMG’s clinical Externships can help them land their dream job, the one they are most willing to achieve. In addition, they will have more of the tools necessary for interviewing and matching into U.S. medical residencies, so it is worth every penny!

Let us have a look at those 3 important benefits that will take an IMG closer to their dream job.

1. Value of a Letter of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation from U.S. doctors can make a huge difference when it comes to interviews for programs, especially if you are an applicant with Foreign Medical degrees!

For example, suppose they come back recommending someone who has already worked together and is well known in their community or industry. In that case, the chances are that this person will get more favorable treatment during the selection process than one whose name isn’t quite familiar yet.

To enter the healthcare field as a foreign medical graduate, you will need to complete an Externship. Unfortunately, it is difficult for IMGs from other countries who do not know any Americans personally or have friends here in America, so they can’t match up themselves! That’s why an Externship holds great significance.

For some schools, a faculty member must write a letter of recommendation for foreign medical graduates. However, there aren’t many IMGs who can match up with this type unless they complete an Externship or know someone inside these institutions through other mediums.

2. Meeting the necessary requirements of the U.S. Medical Residencies

In the United States, many residency programs require time spent working in America. This can be an easy requirement for American allopathic seniors as they will have plenty of opportunities to complete clinical studies at their medical schools or neighbouring institutions.

Unfortunately, Foreign Medical Graduates must relocate to the U.S. for an extended time to meet these requirements and have enough experience before becoming eligible as well-qualified doctors with their desired specialty or subspecialties. And we understand that it takes a lot of effort and monetary resources to invest.

That is why we recommend IMGs review the requirements of their preferred medical residency program to find out if they need an extra semester or more for an Externship.

Also, Dr. Roger Washington, MD, FAAFP, is coming up with his new batch of Virtual Externship programs on 1st August 2022. Here, you don’t have to relocate to the U.S. and instead can learn everything from your native place. The Externship Program is 4 weeks long and also provides you with LoR.

This postgraduate clinical training program for IMGs is a crucial step in increasing one’s chances of being selected as one applies for U.S. medical residency. With an overwhelming success rate, this course has been nothing short but extraordinary!

Here is the link to register

You can read more about Dr. Washington and his expertise.

3. Learning U.S. terminologies and specific words

Externships help IMGs prepare for the U.S.-style exams they will need to take when completing their medical residency training program in America. There’s a clinical section on these tests too! An external person with experience working as an external scientist or nurse elsewhere but not here could find themselves unprepared at first glance because of how different things go down here. Yet this is another reason why it pays off so much else, investing time into getting acclimated beforehand by doing some work shadowing doctors, etc.

The skills gained from an Externship can immediately translate to the exam. IMGs who complete Externships will be more familiar with common U.S. ailments, likely present on a clinical examination test in America!

Matching with a U.S. medical residency is difficult enough without having to deal with the additional risk of not matching due to your Externship choice, but if you want in on this opportunity and don’t know what one should be looking out for when making options.

The clinical Externship is extremely helpful at first glance because it offers unparalleled hands-on training opportunities that will ultimately lead to qualified physicians establishing themselves within their communities as leaders, among others who work individually or collaboratively.

The right clinical experience can make all the difference between matching with a U.S. medical residency. So are you ready to explore and make the most of your Externship Program in the U.S.?