Immigration Physical

We will guide you through the entire Medical Examination process and see that you get the tests and consultations that you need. Everyone is different: health, history, age, lifestyle, language and even country of birth may play a role in what it involves in processing your Medical Examination. In some cases, special waivers may even be needed to fulfill all the requirements of the examination. Your patience and active participation will be the key to completing the process outlined by the United States Government.

We will work with you to get the process completed as quickly and with as little expense as possible. All services are fee based (cash and credit cards are accepted) and your initial fee includes the examination, medical history and the completion of all basic documents. Having a complete and detailed record of your health history (immunizations, T.B status, etc.), will save you time and money. In some instances if you have health insurance coverage it will cover the cost of any additional immunizations, x-rays etc.

It is vital that you provide valid, accurate contact information, so we may contact you as the need arises. We respect that your getting to the point of having this examination represents a long wait and a lot of work in the immigration process. Please be patient with our staff and you find they are qualified and well intentioned with your interests at heart. If a problem does occur let someone know right away and we will do our best to make it right.