June 2014

BookCoverImageHot off the press!

  I’m very happy to announce that my book is completed, published and available for you to buy on Amazon. It is called Sleep Matters.

Many of you have been hearing about the topics I describe in the book for years.  Most authors stay up late at night to write their first book.  Given what I have discovered about sleep, I obviously was not going to stay up late at night. Working in my free time, it’s taken me more than five years to complete the project.

 Sleep Matters describes what I have discovered during my 30 years of practice. I outline proof that lack of sufficient deep sleep is the root cause of disease.

There is a long list of diseases caused by the lack of sufficient sleep. Some of the more common are migraines, diabetes, depression, herpes, HIV, stroke, PMS and, of course, cancer. Most people think germs, stress and genetics are important factors.  Lack of sufficient deep sleep is way more important than either of those.  I invite you to read about it in the first chapter.

To all of you, from whom I have learned, I thank you.  From all who have allowed me to passionately harangue you about the benefits of sufficient deep sleep, I thank you. And for those of you who waited in the office while I passionately harangued someone in the next room while you patiently waited, I thank you for your patience.

And, that is not all. Our website www.rogerwashingtonmd.com has a new look complete with links to purchase either the paperback version, or the Kindle version. Soon you may download a PDF version to your computer.


Allergy Testing 

If there is sufficient interest, we are considering offering Allergy Testing (In Office). Would you want to be tested if we do? Let us know. Email us at ClientCare@RogerWashingtonMD.com or call 408-246-9926.


Low T 

 We’ve all seen the lawyer-sponsored, fear-promoting commercials warning us against testosterone supplementation. Abuse of testosterone is unsafe. Testosterone is categorically safe and promotes vigor and sense of well-being.  I invite my male patients over the age of 50 to talk to me about loss of vigor and well-being due to low T.