Externship /Observership

Welcome International Medical Graduates (IMGs).  In the Bay Area of California, I host a postgraduate clinical training program for IMGs who wish to increase their chances of being selected for an interview for a US medical residency and ultimately matching. Our program has enjoyed extraordinary success with a high rate of participants matching.  

Our program is unique in that we strive to strive to give IMGs an immersive clinical experience that improves their chances of matching at a US residency program. We familiarize IMGs with the underpinnings and culture of US healthcare with daily lectures and interview tips. We attribute our participants’ success to their being able to convince the residency selection committee that they are much more familiar with the US healthcare system than other IMGs.

I am the program’s Director, Roger W. Washington MD, FAAFP.  I completed my medical training at Stanford University Medical School and Residency Program. I am a former Associate Professor of the San Jose Family Practice Residency Program. In the past 30 years, I have assisted in training Stanford medical students, Stanford family practice residents, medical assistants, and IMGs.

During each clinic session, I give a presentation related to the culture of the US healthcare system. Topics covered include the SOAP patient note system, how to write prescriptions including scheduled medications, insurance systems, managed care, the gatekeeper system, HMO’s, Medicare, medication formularies, the prior authorization process, copays, the FMLA and disability system, defensive medicine, referral networks, as well as insights to the expectations of US patients and the responsibilities of the US primary care doctor. 

All participants will receive appropriate letters of recommendation (LOR) which we will upload to support their ERAS applications. The hours of our clinic are posted on our website, www.rogerwashingtonmd.com. The obligatory hours of participation for the Telemedicine rotation are between 2100 hrs. and 2330 hrs. (PDT/ PST). Participants are expected to attend a minimum of half the posted sessions in a four-week program to qualify for the LOR. 

We have three levels of participation.

In our On-Site Externship Rotation, I coach IMGs in their ability to communicate with American patients and healthcare workers. Additionally, I coach them personally in the writing of their personal statements and how to conduct themselves in their eventual interview at a US healthcare residency program. With the patient’s permission, Externs may participate and learn from the entire clinical encounter.  Externs interview and present patient cases. The Extern could assist in writing the patient note, coordinating the appropriate tests, prescriptions, patient counseling, and follow-up care.  Thereby, IMGs gain experience and confidence in communicating with American patients and healthcare personnel. Also, they learn to use the electronic medical record (EMR), prescribe medication, order tests-including labs, x-rays etc., and make referrals.  As a result of the experience they receive in our program, IMGs are better able to convince the residency selections committee that they are excellently prepared to matriculate in their program. The plan is that Externs will earn a strong LOR and be selected for an interview and eventually to match.The fee for the on-site externship program including personal coaching is $4,000.

The Telemedicine Externship, like the on-site Externship, is a hands-on experience which includes interviewing patients, presenting cases in conference and an opportunity to give weekly presentations of clinical topics. The IMGs participating in the Externship will have the invaluable and rare opportunity to practice and hone their interviewing skills, improve their confidence communicating with American patients and healthcare staff. Thereby, they may demonstrate their proficiency in English to receive a strong LOR in support of their candidacy for matching at a US medical residency program. Telemedicine externs can participate in the daily patient conferences and teaching rounds by presenting cases and asking and answering relevant questions. Telemedicine externs also can present a brief, 2 to 3-minute presentation of clinical interest. Telemedicine Externs also can ask questions after the attending’s daily teaching presentation. Also, with the patient’s permission, you will have the opportunity to view Dr. Washington’s stream of an assortment of patient’s visits. The fee for this program is $ 2,000.

In our Telemedicine Observership Rotation, you get to observe my daily lectures on the culture of US healthcare. You can observe, with the patient’s permission, the on-site and telemedicine Externs interviewing the patients and discussing their management plan. You may view Dr. Washington’s stream of the patient’s visits. You will be able to participate in the discussions regarding differentials and management plan and the Extern’s weekly short presentations. The fee for this program is $ 1,000. 

NB At all times, we remain within the laws of California pertaining to the unlicensed practice of medicine. Externs are not practicing medicine, nor do they give even the impression that they are practicing medicine. They are not exceeding the responsibilities of a medical assistant. 
At the end of the rotation, all participants will be provided a letter of recommendation for uploading to ERAS.

Please, send us your details as mentioned below to our office email: info@RogerWashingtonMD.com

  • Externship Application
  • CV or resume
  • Copy of USMLE results (if available)
  • Transcript of Medical Diploma (if available)
  • Copy of your passport
  • A passport size photo